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TYPES OF REPRESENTATION - See More on the "About us" Page

Employment Litigation

Young Law Office offers representation to individual plaintiffs in all aspects of employment litigation.  Some cases may be handled on a contingent basis, while other types of matters may be paid by the hour.  Clients are responsible for litigation costs, such as court filing fees and court reporting services.  

Administrative Matters & Hearings

Administrative matters include the filing of EEOC charges, participation in EEOC mediation, and drafting rebuttals to EEOC filings.  T.E.A.M. Act state employment hearings are on a very fast schedule which starts the moment you file your Step III appeal.  It is recommended that state employees consult with counsel as soon as possible in the process.   

Last Will and Probate

Don't leave the decision about the distribution of your property and savings to the State of Tennessee.  Make a Will and the associated documents in order to provide your family with the guide they need to fulfill your wishes.  

Probate of estates is a time-consuming and paperwork intensive process that can overwhelm a person working on their own.  Call us to make the probate process easy for you. 

Appeal of Benefit Denials

If you have applied for, and been denied, veterans benefits or an increase, we may be able to help.  Katherine is a a certified attorney through the Veterans Administration.  For individuals receiving long-term disability benefits, a review can lead to cancellation.  The disability benefits appeal process can be confusing without legal counsel.  Get legal assistance for your appeal. 

Document Review

Did you just start a new job and have been asked to sign a "Non-Compete Agreement?"  Don't sign without a document review by an attorney.  You may be limiting your earning potential for years to come if you leave your position. If you have been offered a severance package and wonder if you should sign, you need a document review to find out the options of signing and the possibility of enhancing your package.  

Small Business Clients

We offer numerous services to small business owners:

Contract review

Defense for Department of Labor audits

Employee Handbook drafting

LLC and Corporate Formation

Sale Agreements

Dissolution of Partnerships