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Are you seeking legal representation for an employment law issue? Our attorney at Young Law Office, P.C., offers comprehensive legal services for clients in Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas in Knox County and East Tennessee. Whether you need help drafting a will or need to appeal denied unemployment claims, our law office is ready to help.

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Justice Law

Employee Litigation

Our law office provides legal representation to individual plaintiffs in all aspects of employment litigation. Some cases may be handled on a contingent basis, while other types of matters may be paid by the hour. 

When evaluating representation, we take into consideration the following:

  •  How Long You Were Employed
  • Your Disciplinary History
  • The Length of Time You Have Been Unemployed
  • Your Documented Proof of Wrongdoing by Your Employer
  • The Diligence of Your Search for New Employment
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Initial Employment Consultations

Call Young Law Office, P.C., to see if an initial employment consultation would be helpful in your matter. We will ask for specific information to ensure we do not have a conflict. All information provided is confidential. 

Once we have the basic facts, we can provide information on whether an in-person meeting is right for your situation. We often represent employees who are being forced out or fired for illegal reasons. 

Severance Package Reviews 

If you have been presented with a severance package and a deadline to sign, please contact an attorney to meet and discuss your options. You need to know all of the pros and cons of the document you are being asked to sign.

Unemployment Hearings

Our law office handles many unemployment hearings for employees who have been denied benefits by the State of Tennessee, or who have been granted benefits but their former employer is appealing the grant of benefits. We charge reasonable flat fees for hearings.

EEOC Mediation

If you have been presented with a severance package and a deadline to sign, please contact an attorney to meet and discuss your options. You need to know all of the pros and cons of the document you are being asked to sign.

Non-Compete Agreements

Don’t sign a non-compete agreement without understanding the possible benefits or drawbacks. Don’t make a career move while bound by a non-compete agreement without consulting with an attorney to ensure you don’t leave yourself open to a lawsuit. 

Full Areas of Legal Representation:

  • Employment Litigation
  • Administrative Matters & Hearings
  • Last Will & Probate
  • Unemployment Denials or Appeals
  • Document Reviews
  • Contract Reviews
  • Defense for Department of Labor Audits
  • Employee Handbook Drafting
  • LLC & Corporate Formation
  • Sal Agreements
  • Dissolution of Partnerships  

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Chris, Knoxville, Tennessee

“I first hired attorney Katherine Young to create a will, living will, and durable power of attorney for health care. From the very beginning, it was obvious to me that Ms. Young’s primary motivation is excellence in practice... providing the very best possible legal advice and assistance to meet her client’s needs. At a later time, as the executor of a deceased friend’s will and being retired with a lot of time on my hands, I thought I would be able to handle the probate of the estate by myself. When things got too complicated, I turned to Katherine Young again. She readily assessed the situation, summed up what remained to be done, and outlined a plan for completion. Her knowledge and experience, combined with her calm and confident demeanor, inspired my trust and I turned everything over to her with total peace of mind. Ms. Young kept me apprised of her progress, kept a detailed record, sent me copies of everything she did, and was very quick to respond to my questions. She is awesome and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.”


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